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News Date: March 21, 2008

Microgaming, Playtech and Cryptologic are three online gaming software providers that do not operate in the American market but are instead focusing on the European market. The European market covers different countries in which people speak different languages. Players are more comfortable in using software written in their native language because then they are sure that they have understood the rules and procedures correctly. They are then not worried about committing bonus violations and can wager with a peaceful mind. Hence it became a necessity for these three online gaming software providers to develop software in the different European languages. Today there would be few European languages, if any, in which online gaming software is not available. The European languages in which online gaming software is available include English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish.

The online gaming software from Playtech and Cryptologic in the different languages are as good as independent stand alone software. Though the players can access the software from the same portal they have to select the language before downloading the software and the software is downloaded in the selected language. If the player wants to later play in another language he has to go through the download process all over again by selecting the new language. In effect he will have two independent casinos on his hard disc.

In the "Microgaming online gaming software", the process of selecting the language begins the same way. The player chooses the language before downloading the software and the software is downloaded in the selected language. The process of switching to another language is much more refined in the Microgaming software. Using the “Language” option the player can select any other language offered. The Language option can be accessed from the “Options” menu in the bottom toolbar or from the “Menu” icon in the top left hand corner. The software prompts the player that the selected language has not been installed and asks if he wants to go ahead with the download and installation. When the player clicks “yes” the additional modules required for the new language are downloaded and integrated into the existing software. These would include the lobby and the games language packages. The entire software is not downloaded anew in the different language as in the case of the Playtech and Cryptologic online gaming software. The hard disc will show a single casino. Once the packages for the new language are installed players can toggle between languages using the Language option described earlier. Additional languages can be conveniently added in this manner.

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