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News Date: January 18, 2008

Initially when online gaming software was developed in the mid 1990s the software had to be downloaded and installed on the player’s computer. There was no choice. However this system was compatible only with Windows driven PCs. As the users of Mac and Linux operating systems grew, online gaming software providers wanted to tap that market as well. Therefore the No Download version of the software was developed, which was also compatible with the other operating systems. This version does not have to be installed in the hard disc of the player’s computer. Therefore it is also known as Instant Play. PC users now have a choice between the Download and No Download versions.

Most online casino players prefer the Download version of the software. There are several reasons for this. The foremost reason is that the Instant Play version is an abridged version of the Download version. Since the Instant Play version can use only the browser’s temporary memory it has to be constrained in size. This is managed by leaving out many of the casino games and also leaving out many of the useful option features that are available in the Download version. Therefore in order to get the complete gaming experience online casino players prefer the Download version of the software. The quality of the Download version is also said to be better. The hard disc is a more stable environment than the browser. Therefore there are less likely to be disruptions to the games in the Download version. For the same reason the quality of the graphics, animations and sound effects are better in the Download version. Therefore the Download version not only provides a complete gaming experience but also provides a quality gaming experience. There is yet another advantage that online casino players cite for favoring the Download Version. The Download version takes some time to download and install the first time round. But thereafter the connection with the online casino is instantaneous and players can start playing right away. The No Download version will take a few minutes to install in the browser each and every time. 

Even the online casinos prefer that players use the Download version of the software. This is because players who use the Download version of the software are likely to remain more loyal. One reason is that it takes time and effort to download the software. A player who has made this effort once is unlikely to make it again soon and is therefore likely to stay with the online casino. Also the casino software occupies a significant amount of memory space on the hard disc and the online casino players are therefore not likely to have too many casinos installed. Finally installing the Download version leaves the online casino’s icon on the desktop and it is a simple matter of clicking the icon to connect to the casino.

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