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Casino Name
Payout Percentage
Accepts U.S.
Online Vegas
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Rushmore Casino
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Cherry Red Casino
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Golden Casino
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Roxy Palace Casino
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All About Online Casino Payouts and Payout Percentages

Casino payouts, or payout percentages as they are often referred, relates to the amount of money a casino will pay out for every dollar played into it; it's a return to player percentage. Always presented in a percentage figure, the payout's percentage is what many people use to decide if this is a "tight" or loose" casino – these terms are also used for specific games. If a payout's percentage is deemed "tight" this means a low percentage which isn't good for the customer, conversely a "loose" percentage means a high monetary return to player. Confused? Don't Be! Let's take the example of $1 invested. If that dollar was invested in a casino with a payout percentage of 97%, you are likely to see a return to player figure of 97c on that dollar; 97% of $1 = 97c. Remember that the higher the percentage is the better it is for you.

It is important to remember that a payout percentage refers to the average payout made by the casino on money played in it over a certain time period. This will take into account all the games and all the wagers. The percentages given are not guarantees but rather indicators. This means that in the above example, you are not guaranteed to make a 97% return and win back 97c of your money; as all casino games players know, there are days where you win 10 times your money, and times when you loose it all. Therefore, the payout percentages should be understood as an overall long term figure to indicate if this is a good long term gaming choice or not. It should also be remembered that the percentages noted in an online casino are usually for the whole site, but there will be a difference in the individual payouts from each type of game. For example online blackjack often has a better payout percentage than online slots. Additionally, there are some slots for example, that might be set to pay out more than others. Thus, if you have the opportunity you should always find out what the percentages are for individual games, and if you are given a recommendation for one particular game, you should follow it.

It is nearly always the case that online casinos will offer far better payout percentages than land based casinos. This is largely due to the simple fact that online casinos have much lower overheads to deal with than land based casinos do. However there are also factors such as advertising and the like which enable online casinos to offer better payout percentages than their land based counterparts.

Golden Casino

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