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Lobby Options in Online Casinos
News Date: May 11, 2008

Online casino players have different preferences and requirements. Online casinos recognize this and in order to be competitive they offer various options that allow the players to customize their playing environment. The customization features are placed in the Options menus, which is usually located in the main lobby of the online casino. The options features offered by some of the major online gaming software providers are discussed below.

Wizard Gaming:

In Wizard Gaming online casinos the Options menu is placed in the main lobby. There are two types of options - General and Download. Within the General options are the Game Settings, Sound Settings and Full Screen. By ticking the check boxes in the Game Settings players can disable the symbol animations; enable the quick spins and show the line numbers in the slots. In the Sound Settings players can adjust the sound volume. By ticking the check box they can turn off all sounds, game sounds and background sounds. Ticking the Full Screen check box allows players to play in the full screen mode. The Download options allow players to select the Internet connection speed from modem, ISDN, DSL, cable and LAN and also select whether they want to download all games in the background or only the chosen games.


In Microgaming online casinos the Options menu gets activated in the Games lobby. The options allow players to customize the overall gaming environment. The individual game options are available from within the games. This is understandable because Microgaming offers over 400 online casino games that have different customization requirements. The Options menu allows players to select from 13 European and Asian languages. The enabling full screen mode option is also available. A unique option is enabling similar games list. This option displays a list of similar games when the player exits from any game. The sounds and background sounds can be enabled from this Options menu. Detailed sound customization can be done from within the game. One option offered is Auto Log In. This enables the software to remember the password so that the player need not enter it each time he logs in. This option should never be enabled in the interest of security.

Vegas Technology:

In Vegas Technology online casinos the Options menu is located in the lobby. The customization options offered are turning the game sound on or off and turning the background sound on or off. The sound options can be enabled by ticking the check box. The options also allow players to set the sound volumes to High, Medium, Low and Very low, individually for both game and background sound. The full screen can be enabled by ticking the Screen Resize check box.  

Real Time Gaming:

In Real Time Gaming online casinos the Options menu is located within each game and not in the main lobby. The sound and the dealers’ voices can be enabled by ticking the check boxes. The volume can also be adjusted. There is an option for adjusting the card speed. The full screen mode can be enabled by ticking the check box.


In Cryptologic online casinos the options menu is called Settings. It is not located in the main lobby but in the More Games menu, which can be accessed from the main lobby. By ticking the appropriate check boxes players can enable the play animations, the sound effects, the voices and the full screen mode. Cryptologic offers 18 avatars for players to choose from. The chosen avatar icon represents the player on the screen. Cryptologic is the only online casino software provider to offer avatars. Another unique option offered by Cryptologic is that it enables players to set the time they want to play in a particular session.

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