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Options Available In Online Casinos
News Date: January 14, 2008

While wagering at online casinos players are required to exercise options. These options are provided because each player has different requirements and online casinos try to fulfill the different requirements to the extent possible. An understanding of the options allows players to customize the playing environment to their liking and thus derive greater pleasure.

Some options are basic options related to the online casino as a whole and these do not differ greatly in different gaming software. One of the first options a player has to exercise is language. This can be done by clicking on the appropriate flag in the lobby of the casino. Microgaming allows players to toggle languages from within the software. Other software providers require players to exit the casino to change the language.

The real customization comes on the game screen. On the toolbar is the options menu. The settings that will customize the playing area are available here. One of the first options is whether the casino should be rendered in windowed mode or maximized (full screen mode. In the windowed mode the casino fits into the smaller Windows screen with the Windows toolbars being displayed. This option is useful if the player wants to attend to other work on his computer while playing the casinos games. If he is solely playing at the online casino it is better to use the full screen mode and benefit from the larger images and greater clarity. 

The sound options are important and here again Microgaming scores because it provides more options. This can be illustrated using French Roulette. One option is to switch of all sounds. The second option is to switch off game sounds. This will eliminate the sound of the ball rolling in the wheel. Usually a special louder music is played when the player wins a bet. This is as much to alert the player as it is to celebrate. Microgaming allows players to switch off this. When no action is taking place as when the player is deciding on his wager the background music comes into play. This can be selectively switched off. Microgaming French Roulette provides live casino experience through the dealer calling out the number. This is referred to as advance sound and can be switched off by the player.

Apart from sound settings French Roulette has a number of game settings. The quick spin feature can be enabled. This allows the wheel to stop quickly. This facility is provided in slot games as well. The player can disable the zoom animation that shows a close up of the ball as it rolls against the numbers on the wheel. Players have the option of keeping the bets on the table after each spin. This is useful if the player wants to continue with the same wager.

Finally Microgaming scores even as players exit from games. It provides them with a list of similar games they may want to play.

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