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White Labeling of Online Casinos on the Increase
News Date: October 23, 2008

White labeling is re-licensing of branded software, like Microgaming, to smaller online casinos through a larger company’s special licensing deal. It costs the smaller company much less to white label than it would have cost to license the software directly. The flip side is that white label online casinos offer fewer games. The economics works because the white label online casinos customize their product to suit a small niche online gambling market. For the software provider this system allows for proliferation of their brand. Hence white labeling is a win-win situation for everyone. White labeling is also known as private labeling.

The expansion in the online gamming industry over the last year has been driven significantly through white labeling particularly in Europe. The companies that have been in the forefront of the white label revolution are TotalESoft, Turnkey Gaming, Casino Share and Betcorp. Some of the online casinos that have been formed through white labeling are St Minver, Casino Millionaire and Rome Casino.

TotalESoft is by far the leader in the white label market. It offers three products based on increasing sophistication. The simplest option is the “Branded Solution”. In this case the graphics are provided by the client online casino and incorporated into the final product that included over 100 games and is offered in three languages. The second option is the “Total Branded Solution” In this case all the work is done by TotalESoft. The product includes a custom designed lobby with music and background images and the marketing support needed to promote the online casino. This option is offered in four languages. The most sophisticated product is the “Professional Solution”. In addition to what is offered in the Total Branded solution, this includes affiliate programs, advanced administrative and back-end access and provision for the casino clients to set up their own satellite sites. This option is offered in five languages.

TotalESoft has just restructured the costing of the Branded Solution because it was constantly receiving enquiries for a less costly product. They are now selling it for an initial outlay of £3000, without sacrificing quality or any of the features. The online casino client gets 50% of the revenue and TotalESoft gets the other 50%. All financial transactions are made through the TotalESoft server. The client pays no other cost whatsoever.

Jonathan Francis of feels that this is a rock bottom price and is far below what the competition is charging. Therefore he hopes that TotalESoft is set for a boom in business that will drive the online gaming industry forward.

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