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Transaction Logging at Online Casinos
News Date: February 28, 2009

Over a period of time a player will make hundreds of deposits and withdrawals from the cashier of an online casino. And the number of individual transactions at the online casino games can be quite staggering. Each and every transaction entered into by the player gets stored on to the server of the online casino. Earlier these transactions were simply archived and were accessed only for purposes of dispute resolution. But now the more reputable online casino software providers such as Microgaming, Playtech and Cryptologic allow players to directly access these archived transactions at the click of a button without any need to make a request to the casino. This is referred to as transaction logging.

Transaction logging provides advantages to both the players and the online casinos. In the first instance transaction logging demonstrates the casinos’ willingness to be transparent in their operations. This transparency generates a lot of confidence amongst the players. But the advantages go beyond transparency. Transaction logging reduces the incidence of disputes. Earlier if players felt that the casino is showing a lower balance in their accounts they would be prone to raise a dispute. But with transaction logging they can first recheck the financial history before making a claim. And since these logs are computer generated and provide all details players are more likely to believe these records rather than their own memories or hand written records. Transaction logging improves the players’ wagering performances as well, especially in games that involve an element of skill like blackjack. Faced with a certain situation players can check out the gaming histories for the outcomes during earlier such situations and then make a considered decision. Online casinos that provide better transaction logging facilities enjoy a competitive advantage. Also they find it easier to gain licenses from gaming jurisdictions and approvals from auditors. Such online casinos also enjoy higher ratings at casino directories like CasinoAdvisor.

Microgaming provides the best transaction logging facilities through its features PlayCheck and CashCheck. The best part of these features is that can be accessed from within the games, even in the middle of a blackjack deal. All that the players have to do is click on the PlayCheck or CashCheck icons. The features allow the players to choose the time period for which they want the histories. This narrows down the search and saves time. PlayCheck provides the gaming history with details like reference number, game, date, time, amount wagered, outcome and payout. CashCheck provides the financial history. Similar details are provided. They include reference numbers, date, time, amount and whether the transaction involved a deposit or a wager or a payout or a withdrawal. Details of payment options used are provided for deposits and withdrawals.

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