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Bankroll Managment in Online Casino Slots Games
News Date: December 27, 2008

More than 70% of the online players engage in online slots games. In fact it would not be incorrect to say that online slots drive online gambling. In online slots, as in other forms of online gambling, the player creates a real money balance with the casino. Thereafter all transactions are done virtually without any physical money being spent. This often allows the player to get carried away. Hence bankroll management is of vital importance.

At the micro level bankroll management involves deciding how much to wager at each spin. Playing with max bet has certain advantages. Jackpots are usually awarded at max bets. You could be kicking yourself if you hit the jackpot combination but have not wagered max bet. On the flip side there are many slots in which max bets can run into hundreds of dollars. This can be a very steep call for a moderate sized bankroll. Therefore the best thing to do is to find an online slot with a max bet that suits your bankroll. There will be many such slots available, but they are less talked about. If you want to play the glamorous slots with the large max bets you have to either settle for playing fewer spins or for playing at less than max bet. In the latter case it is advisable to play all the lines with maximum coins but choose a lower coin denomination.

Bankroll management at the macro level is more important. The first step is to analyze your income and expenses and arrive at a monthly budget for spending on online slots. This amount should be such that it does not impede your day-to-day life and also does not impede your savings plans. Based on that budget you should estimate the number of days that you would want to wager and arrive at a daily budget. You should avoid planning to wager daily because the habit can become addictive. Based on the daily budget you should set the hours for wagering each day. Again the time spent on wagering should not come in the way of your social and professional schedule. It is important to adhere to both the daily time limit and the money limit and stop playing online slots when either of the limits is exhausted. If the online casino allows you to enter limits to daily wagering amounts then please do so. Remember that not adhering to these limits is the first step to falling in the quicksand of problem gambling.

A final advice is that you should not add your winnings to the bankroll, either on a daily or monthly basis. Splurge with your winnings by all means. Go out for an expensive dinner or on a holiday or buy a car depending on the size of your winnings but do not take them as additional gambling money.

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