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Best online casinos to play slots at include

Casino Name Best Bonuses Accepts U.S.
Online Vegas $5000 FREE Credits Visit / Review
Millionaire Casino Up to $1000 FREE Visit / Review
Rushmore Casino $888 in FREE Chips Visit / Review
Platinum Play Casino $400 Double Up Bonus   Visit / Review
Playboy Casino Aweseome $70 Bonus   Visit / Review

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The reason, or at least one of the reasons why you will see more slots reviews and indeed more slots games on-line than any other game is because they are so straight forward and approachable. The fact of the matter is that there aren't really that many rules when it comes to slots and the rules that do exist are programmed into the slot machine itself and so there isn't really any room to go wrong with slots.

Online-slots work with the help of a RNG, or random number generator. That RNG produces combinations of results randomly which then appear on the virtual reels you see on the machines on-line. If these combinations are winning combinations you get a pay out, if not; not. In the simplest terms therefore, in order to play a slot game, you simply determine how much you wish to wager, and you press the "spin" button; you then wait to see the result and any winnings will automatically be credited to you. There are some variations however that prevent slots play from being quit so straight forward. You will find machines that accept different denominations; different coin amounts; and that have different amounts of paylines. For example, one slot machine may accept 10c denominations, whilst other slots may accept dollars. Equally some may accept 5 coins per spin max, others 3. Finally, you will see that different online slots have a different number of paylines – this is the number of sets of spinning reels that you can gamble on with one hit of the "spin" button. You will be able find reviews for each different type of slots, along with specific tips for those slots in the review – but for now it's just important to know that the number of coins you bet with, and their denomination, coupled with the number of paylines you play, is something that's very important to stay on top of – especially in an on line casino where the money is automatically coming from you account.

As for strategy regarding online slots play there are a couple of ones that make some sense, but in all honesty, the only way to win at slots is to be sensible. No matter what any reviews may say, slot machines are games of chance, therefore you can't control the machine, but you can control your interaction with the machine. Some reviews may advice you to follow your streak: this means that when you are winning, play full coin capacity, but when you are loosing, play the minimum coin capacity. This strategy goes on the basis that there are really such things as streaks – the truth of this is not clear. However, it is a fact that sometimes you do seem to get everything right, and sometimes not. Therefore, one should always be sensible about one's slot machine play. If you are having a bad day, call it a day – there's no point in playing just for losses. Equally, you should always be aware of what you're playing with, and draw yourself limits. The best strategy that any review can tell you regarding slots is to be sensible, to be aware, and to show self control.

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