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Craps is played in a high-sided oblong table, with rounded ends. The craps table itself is sunken in, and there are many markings on the table. This craps table is the location of all the game play – it is here that bets are laid, that dice are rolled. Many of the technical rules for craps don't apply for online play: For example, when you play in a land based casino, you must hit the far wall when you throw the dice – for obvious reasons this isn't a problem with online craps.

In terms of the aim of the game; you must predict what the dice are going to do. Thus the game is one of chance, but oh such fun chance. Virtually any number of people can play craps at one time, although individual online casino sites may limit numbers, which means that any number of people can lay a bet – however only one person can be the "shooter". The shooter is the person throwing the dice; and it's the outcome of those dice upon which everything depends.

The craps table is covered with different betting options – for the most part these are complicated, don't offer such good odds, and for the beginner not to be touched. Here we are dealing with the basics of the game, and if you ever want to get past the basics you'd better concentrate on getting them down first.

This is what happens in a game of craps: two dice are rolled and one of two basic things can happen. If they come to a total of 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12 the game is over; some win and some loose – this will be explained soon. If any other total is rolled the shooter must continue to the throw the dice until that total comes again – if he rolls a 7 before he rolls the total again, that round is over and lost.

Now, in the first circumstance, those totals represent two different outcomes. In basic craps betting there are really only two bets to make – pass line, and no pass bar. If you bet on the pass line and the result of the come-out roll is a 2, 3, or 12 you loose your bet – this is craps; if however you bet on the pass line and the come-out roll is a 7 or 11, this means you're a winner and you get paid out at even money.  If you bet on the no pass bar these outcomes are inverted with the exception of a 12 which in this case is a push.

That is very basically speaking the way that craps works. It is a complicated game and nobody should start playing thinking it is anything other than complicated. In terms of a craps strategy, the best bet to begin with is to understand the table and the play of the game. Only after this has become like second nature can you start to think about real winning strategy. Therefore start with free-play games, and get used to it – the strategy will come later.

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