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Best online casinos to play keno at include

Casino Name Best Bonuses Accepts U.S.
Online Vegas $5000 FREE Credits Visit / Review
Millionaire Casino Up to $1000 FREE Visit / Review
Rushmore Casino $888 in FREE Chips Visit / Review
Platinum Play Casino $400 Double Up Bonus   Visit / Review
Playboy Casino Aweseome $70 Bonus   Visit / Review

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In order to get started with a Keno game you must choose it from the games lobby; the majority of online casino sites do now offer keno play. You will see a grid which represents what in land-based play would be a keno card. This keno card will have 80 squares on it, each numbered in sequence – very much like a large lottery slip. In an online game you simply indicate the numbers you wish to choose by clicking on the number – you can deselect by clicking again. Most online casino sites will give you the option of choosing between 10 and 20 numbers but these are the maximum numbers and you can certainly bet on less than this should you wish. 

Once all bets have been made a number of keno balls will be selected and will appear on your screen. These keno balls will be numbered and the numbers will correspond to the numbers on the keno card. Thus, by marking the numbers on your keno card you were essentially betting on those numbers coming out on the keno balls. Your bet will be rewarded, according to how many "hits" you got. A hit in a keno game is a correct number guess. Thus, let's take an example of where you may have chosen 12 numbers in total, and you made a $1 bet. If you have 6 hits, you may make $5, if you have 8 hits you may make $240. The actual payouts vary from casino to casino – but you get the point; the more hits you get, the higher the payout.  

As with so many online casino games, keno is very much a game of chance; you are not able to effect which keno balls are likely to come up, and unfortunately you'll not find a keno card that holds a tip. With this in mind, the best strategy for keno is one of managing you money in order that you can play for the longest time possible. It is possible to make really big bucks in keno; if for example you bet the max. bet and got all your numbers, you could win hundreds of thousands, but the chances of this are incredibly slim. Therefore, the best bet with keno is to remember that it's a game of fun; it should be played for the joy of playing the game and for making a little money to support its play, but should not be taken too seriously, and should never be taken as a form of dependable income. Thus, bet low to medium, help your payroll to last as long as possible, and always remember to have a giggle.

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