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Roulette has been around for more or less as long as casinos and betting parlours have, and today in the world of the online casino, roulette is experiencing a new wave of popularity. The attraction of roulette is largely to do with its ease of play; basically once you understand the bets available you have understood the game – and this isn't very hard.

The roulette table is made up of two parts – the green felt and the wheel. As the player, the felt is your part; you will never touch the wheel. However, it is important to know what the wheel is about. The wheel has 37 or 38 numbered pockets on it, depending on the variation. The pockets alternate in colour between black and red.  The aim of the roulette game is to bet on what the outcome of a spin of that wheel will be. The means by which the outcome is determined, is a small roulette ball that is tossed into the spinning wheel – it spins and bounces, and jumps, but will eventually settle into one of the numbered pockets on the wheel. The number that it falls into is the winning number.

The means that you have of betting on the outcome of the wheel is the green felt table. This green felt is divided into different sections, each representing a possible outcome. There are various different types of bet that can be made. For example, you can bet on the specific number, but with a possibility of 38 this is quite a hard bet to make and thus people often prefer safer bets.  For example, the table gives you the opportunity to bet on a few numbers that are close to each other or a column of numbers as they are laid out on the roulette table. Alternatively, for a much safer bet you can wager on an odd number coming up, or you can bet on the colour of the outcome. The odds vary greatly from one type of bet to another with the best odds on the single number choice, and the worst on the even bets for example red or black. Each casino will detail its odds, and these should be paid attention to.

Once you start to play roulette, the odds and the types of bets will come to you like second nature; watch a few games, play a few free-play games and you will become familiar with the options in no time.

Unlike many casino games, roulette does in fact come with a few strategy options that really do work. Like slots, roulette really is a game of chance – you have no way of affecting the outcome of the spin. However, unlike slots, there are some bets in roulette which you are very likely to win 50% of the time. These bets are called even bets, and whilst you won't win absolutely half of the time, mathematics dictates that you will eventually win if you keep betting on the same even-bet, for example black or red. Thus, if you keep betting and doubling your bet on one even number bet – you will eventually win, and win back all the money you bet before, plus the value of the stake – this is called the Martingale strategy, and so long as you don't hit a table limit or have a short payroll, you're quids in.

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